Best laid plans… (Library Day in the Life)

OK so my participation in Library Day in the Life ground to an early halt. I don’t feel too guilty as this week has been very full and sometimes you have to just recognise when something is not going to be achievable.  Anyway I thought I should at least summarise what the rest of the week entailed in the spirit of sharing and historical record…

This was largely taken up with a joint workshop with the English Faculty on Personalising Customer Service facilitated by myself and Kirsty Taylor. I think Kirsty is going to blog about the event on her Kupu blog, so suffice to say here, it was great to take time out to explore this and I found the video content we gathered, including this Little Britain USA clip (below) really brought the session alive, and provoked a lot of discussion (as well as being funny).

Yesterday was mainly spent on improving our annual survey which we’re going to distribute next week. The more time I spent on it the more obvious it was that it needed a radical overhaul and this is what it has had thanks to the input and dedication of Claudia. I don’t encourage working on stuff at home but I’m grateful she did so all the same.

Today saw an early meeting with a database supplier who stunned me by actually having researched the academic market and offering a realistic price for their product! Top marks Oxford Business Group, although we will of course have to promote you as ‘The Other Place Business Group’ if and when we subscribe.

Next up was the live chat on the Guardian website on the evolving role of librarians in HE which as a contributing panel member I found to be enjoyable and exhausting in equal measure. I was amused by the Twitter backchannel comment from @daveyp about a possible #HElivechat drinking game which involved having a drink every time one of the panel members plugged a book! I plugged three, including my own twice, so well done if you were taking part and still upright. I was talking about marketing a lot so I feel it was entirely warranted.

Nice to see that this was internally recognised and promoted within the business school here. Thanks Tracy!

This was followed by a lively and rather fun Operations User Group at which myself, the IT Manager and the Facilities Manager discussed service problems, developments and suggestions with the student reps in a genuinely two-way forum. I find this hugely useful and am very grateful for the contributions the students make.

Time for another end of week wrap-up with Kirsty and its the weekend. And it really needs to be.


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