Here Comes the Rant Again (falling on my head like a memory)

rantwithlemurphAfter a relatively long absence, TheLibraryRant (those words are run together deliberately you know – how cool are we?) has returned.

It’s fourth episode which is a fun and thought-provoking half-hour of marvellousness is now available, recorded earlier today (That’s Thursday 30th May folks. If its not the 30th May as you read this where were you? Huh?), and covers:

– The CILIP rebrand
– Cool WebApps
– Watson & Oliver (the new Mel & Sue, which makes them the new new French & Saunders. Keep up!
– Killer Presentations (courtesy of the Currency Horse)
– Knightmare (yes the 80s kids TV show)
– LinkedIn endorsements
– Baby poo (on a shoulder no less)
– And an unfortunate slip-up from Ange Fitzpatrick (14 mins in if you can’t wait)

It also benefits from the presence of the very lovely @lemurph (Helen Murphy from Trinity Hall). Watch out for her not fence-sitting in the slightest. Rude!

Listen to the new LibraryRant

Hope you enjoy it.

Thanking you kindly dear listeners.

Andy (@PriestLib, Libreaction)


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