Quickie turns out to be a Longie

rantfloorAnge and I have just recorded another edition of TheLibraryRant and despite intending to knock a quick one out (Matron!) this is our longest podcast yet at a 25 rip-roaring minutes.

The usual dancing and choons aside, there are serious discussions and debates around meritocracy and work-life balance, plus the usual top tips on tools from Inspector G-Ange-t.

I thought I’d take the opportunity in the remainder of this blatant promo blogpost to answer some questions from our listeners:

Qn: How long does it take you to edit it together/record in total?
Ans: It’s done in one-take, so its takes as long as each podcast lasts for.

Qn: What does the Currency Horse like to eat?
Ans: Journal articles and books after we’ve finished reviewing them.

Qn: Have you got a recording booth/equipment
Ans: So far its been recorded in a Judge seminar room on a humble iPhone, with an Android tablet for sound effects, but I like the idea of an on-location summer punting edition.

Qn: Can I be a guest on the Rant?
Ans: Yes, anyone from the library & information world is welcome. Guests are good. Payment in the form of a hot or cold beverage.

Qn: How can you justify the time it takes to prepare and make the podcast?
Ans: With promotion and a 15 minute discussion about what we might include and recording as well, each one takes around an hour of our time. It keeps us engaged, it makes us think and reflect, and it make us laugh. And all of those things are priceless (to us anyway).

Qn: Did you really run around to the Benny Hill music?
Ans: Yes.

Thanking you dear listeners!



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