More ranting

There was an unexpected hiatus since the first and introductory edition of our LibraryRant podcast back in December. This didn’t reflect a crisis of confidence or a change of heart, but was instead due to a spate of silly injuries. Myself a sprained ankle and Ange a sprained wrist. We were concerned that on this our third attempt to record the second podcast that a similar fate would befall our very special guest – the man, the legend – Ed Chamberlain, but thankfully he made it unscathed, arriving in some style in the end.


Between us we discussed discovery systems – specifically the Summon trial here in Cambridge, video tutorials and ‘the age of the individual’. Our charmingly obedient Currency Horse (who bring us a new book, blogpost, or article each Rant) also trotted in with a spangly new copy of Rethinking Information Literacy by Jane Secker and Emma Coonan.

Its ony 20 minutes, so get that ironing out, run a bath, or just pour yourself a wine, and click play.


One thought on “More ranting

  1. Suzan Griffiths says:

    Good multitasking today, ironing and a catch-up with the Summon trial. Enjoyed the guest speaker. I delivered training on LibrarySearch+ to postgrads and 4th year UGs last term in a Faculty Lib, the general search and filters seemed to be appreciated.


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