Rethinking Information Literacy, Andragogy, and the evil that is Amazon

seckerI just wanted to flag up the recent publishing of Rethinking Information Literacy edited by the very lovely Jane Secker (pictured left with shiny copies of the book) and the equally lovely Emma Coonan.

Publishers, Facet, have described the book as: ‘A vision for the future of information literacy teaching.’

My chapter (yes I haz a chapter therein) concerns Strand 8 of this new curriculum on ‘presenting and communicating knowledge’ and directly relates to the teaching I undertook – under the umbrella of Jane’s and Emma’s new curriculum – on ‘Using Twitter for Research’ and the ‘Value of Blogging’ and, more generally, the pedagogical principles that guide me when I plan and present teaching sessions.  For me, the most interesting element of writing the chapter was exploring the concept of andragogy (first coined by Malcolm Knowles) rather than pedagogy (man-leading rather than child-leading) which I’ve found to be important, and more relevant, given the average age of students I teach is closer to 30 than school-age. There is a good page on andragogy here and I highly recommend Knowles’s classic ‘The Adult Learner’, now in its 7th ed from Butterworth-Heinemann.

View the Table of Contents for Rethinking Information Literacy
Read Sarah Pavey’s chapter on Strand 1 of the curriculum

The book can be bought direct from Facet or from those small publisher-strangling, 40%-taking, High Street-destroying, tax-dodging mountebanks Amazon instead. The choice is yours! N.B. If you want to know a little more about why Amazon are so evil (and getting more evil by the day) then you might want to read this (the ‘bully your suppliers’ para relates directly to my experiences as a small publisher).

A final word on Amazon, a heartfelt plea: I know full well that people are not going to stop buying from Amazon however evil they are proved to be, hell I end up buying from the buggers sometimes, but can people please, please stop liking them on Facebook? Every time I see a friend of mine has liked Amazon on there I die a little inside (and silently curse the person too). Thank you.

Further information on the ‘Rethinking Information Literacy’ from Facet: Based on groundbreaking research, undertaken by the authors as part of the prestigious Arcadia Programme at Cambridge University, this presents a new and dynamic information literacy curriculum developed for the 21st century information professional. The curriculum adopts a broad definition of information literacy that encompasses social as well as academic environments and situates IL as a fundamental attribute of the discerning scholar and the informed citizen. It seeks to address in a modular, flexible and holistic way the developing information needs of students entering higher education over the next five years. Interweaving the authors’ research and the reflections of internationally-recognised experts from the library, education and information literacy sectors, it will illustrate how and why this new curriculum will work in practice. Contributors include: Sarah Pavey, Boxhill School; Andy Priestner, University of Cambridge; Geoff Walton, Staffordshire University; Susie Andretta, London Metropolitan University; and Libby Tilley, University of Cambridge.


One thought on “Rethinking Information Literacy, Andragogy, and the evil that is Amazon

  1. Jane Secker says:

    Thanks for the plug Andy! You too are very lovely and we are very grateful to all our fabulous contributors. We hope to see you at our launch party!


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