Lego librarian for hire!

This blog post is a bit different to my usual musings. You may or may not know that I’m an accredited Lego Serious Play trainer. A what I hear you cry? Well essentially a guy who uses Lego in workshop style sessions to solve work-related problems such as poor communication, ineffective management, team troubles, that sort of thing.

The technique is surprisingly effective and is far more memorable, insightful and engaging than regular training as participants get to play with Lego (yay!) but more importantly, examine their working lives from a unique and new perspective.

But isn’t it just playing with bricks? On the surface yes, but every group I’ve been through the process with has cited tangible benefits from the experience: increased understanding of themselves and their colleagues; and, better still, tangible personal actions to take forward in the workplace.

I have been using the method for some time now and am happy to lead workshops at conferences or training sessions for groups/organisations: Please do email me if you are interested or just want to find out more.

There’s a guy over the pond who also happens to be a librarian and is also using the Lego Serious Play methodology and his video very neatly sums up the technique and value of the approach:


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