‘Yer know, that personalised stuff that Andy Priestner is always on about…’

I’ve just received the jacket design for the book I’ve co-edited/written with the stupendous Libby Tilley who presented on the same topic at last week’s SCONUL conference in Liverpool. The cover image has been supplied by the talented Rachel Marsh who usually photographs wading birds. Apparently jelly babies are more biddable.

I won’t blab on to much about the book’s contents again here, other than to say it gathers together lots of chapters and case studies from active practitioners, across the UK library sector and beyond, to examine the opportunities that a tailored , highly personalised, approach offers our users in this the ‘age of the individual’.

Next week Libby and I will be at the first CILIP ARLG study conference in Newcastle where we will be exploring the approach , with the help of the inestimable Laura Wilkinson, through a workshop in which participants will be building with Lego bricks.

The book is due out in August in printed and electronic form.

Further details on Ashgate website


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