Brand new brand

Drum roll…. This is one of three new brand images for Information & Library Services here at Judge. When I first discussed possible options with our designers I knew I wanted images that communicated that our service is principally about the provision of electronic business information and data, after all 82% of our budget goes on databases and we spend the vast majority of our time guiding users to them and/or fulfilling data requests with them. I was also keen that our new images incorporated our new name and some eye-catching colours. So how did the designers do?

Pretty well I think, especially as I think it communicates a bit more than what I initially asked for, elements that could feasibly be described as representing the speed of our response to user enquiries and the rapidly changing nature of the business world. Plus they have impact and feel dynamic.

This is one of three designs which we’re currently frantically adding to PPTs, Word docs, video tutorials, posters and more before term. The alternative designs use different colours but are otherwise very similar. One of the designs has already been affectionally named ‘the sea-monster’ so that one might get used a bit less than the other two!

As well as making us look more professional and consistent across all of our promotional materials,  these designs should save us some positioning time and arduous explanation as to why we’re not a regular library in our hands-on inductions.

Completely in character for me to have sorted style before content but there you go…

So what do you think? Do you like it?


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