Wilful editing

Once again a #Cam23 tool that defies you not to find a use for it. Wiki functionality makes them perfect for collaborative projects and works in progress. The wiki used for the forthcoming TeachMeet being a great example. My main personal use recently has been for the organisation of the 2010 BLA conference for which PBWorks was employed so the organising committee could access all the documents and edit them in one place. I’m  not sure that our committee email traffic reduced hugely because of it, as some of us were more enthusiastic users than others, but there was definitely a comparative reduction on 2009 traffic. Interestingly back in 2006 we also tried  to use a wiki for the BLA committee in order to reduce emails throughout the year, but we eventually shelved it due to password and access issues.  Amazing how much having to put a password into something can put you off using it.

Before I close this  post I wanted to touch on what Lottie has said in her wiki post about how on Wikipedia “the majority of untrue and/or unreferenced material is pulled within hours if not minutes” this is my experience too, BUT this is not always a good thing if you have a maniacal obsessive volunteer – which I’m sure Lottie is not – who is over-zealous when it comes to editing. As many of you will know I write books about classic  TV drama series and despite being a bit of an expert I am singularly unable to get my completely truthful (and referenced) content added to the relevant wikipedia pages because the volunteers in question want to keep the pages as they’ve written them and just wilfully delete anything I add without consultation or discussion. To balance my past fury about this (I’ve long since given up trying to edit such pages) I feel I should now admit to having deliberately added an untruth to Wikipedia which has remained there for years. I childishly added it around the time I first discovered that there were some insane volunteers on Wikipedia.  A cheap trick but it made me feel better. I’ve just checked and I’m pleased to see its still there. Go to the List of Doctor Who planets and scroll down to J. One of those planets is completely made up and it sure ain’t been in Doctor Who. I’m aware that this is now likely to be removed, but hey, its had its time in the sun. (If its already gone before you get there I’ve tagged it!).


2 thoughts on “Wilful editing

  1. LottieMSmith says:

    I have also come across the over zealous Wikipedia Warlords! When I was a graduate trainee, they made us pull the wiki page explaining what a SCONUL librarianship traineeship was, claiming that it was a job advert (not careers information.) Frustrating!


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