Another no-brainer

Google Docs is another Thing in the Cam23 programme which falls into the ‘no-brainer’ category. I first saw it in action when @ekcragg employed its form functionality as an alternative to the unreliable software we had been using for the annual BLA conference booking form. Although I’d heard that it could be used for other purposes, chiefly for sharing documents, like multitudinous other tools I had never got around to exploring it properly, until Cam23 that is.

Since the programme began the Cam23 project team (pictured above at the launch event: Emma Coonan, Sarah Stamford, myself, Kirsty Taylor, Emma-Jane Batchelor and Libby Tilley) have used it for our initial programme plan, blog registration, spreadsheet sharing, the booking form for the launch event, posting up photos of the launch and, most recently, as a working document for the action points arising from our meeting about the Closing Ceremony and the Red Carpet blog awards. In each and every case the use of Google Docs has been hugely beneficial and made life a great deal easier for all of us. Put simply, I am a convert.

One thing I’ve now got to wondering is if there’s value in sharing the many reading lists we annotate at Judge via Google Docs. We currently have a good, if slightly clumsy, system of folders marked, Originals, In Progress, To Be Checked and Completed, and we move the documents in and out of these folders during the process. Part of me is minded of the phrase “if it aint broke don’t fix it”, but the advantages of the Google Docs approach seems pretty obvious and highly applicable.

I guess the only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s a Google product, but I think I can just about live with that.


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