Mind-crushingly obvious

“It’s time to go back to Titanic”, er, Cam23… and this week its LibraryThing

Every now and then during this 23 Things Programme we arrive at a Thing for which the practical application to libraries is obvious. This is especially true of LibraryThing which many large libraries are now using to promote their accessions and many small libraries are using to catalogue their entire stock.

When I think back through all the various formats of ‘new books’ promotional documents that I’ve either produced myself or agreed that my staff can compile over the years I cringe a little at the thought of the hours of scanning book covers (before you could just nick them off Amazon) and fiddling around in Word (lining up text and text wrapping images) that have taken place. Even our most recent attempt at promoting our accessions – using Facebook and our portal – proved time-consuming and, in terms of user stats, arguably fruitless.

Using LibraryThing to do this now seems so mind-crushingly obvious that I feel vaguely embarrassed that I didn’t suggest it. Ah well, once again Cam23 has proved its worth by shoving something obvious under our noses and reminding us that life can be made so much easier by Web 2.0 tools. Nuff said.


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