Eight days a week?

I guess that my experience of Cam23 thus far has been quite different to that of other participants because of my duties as programme leader. As well as  personally blogging about each Thing I’m required to work with my (excellent) project team to ensure the programme runs smoothly, that the main blog is regularly updated – and not just with the Things, that new blogs are registered, drops-in are organised and staffed, and that administration around sponsorship and the launch and closing ceremony are all in hand.

My general feeling is that all is well and that the programme is being enjoyed and is actively engaging participants, however, when it comes to my individual learning and reflection there have been times when I’ve felt as though I’m just going through the motions. This is partly because I’ve already explored some of the Things extensively, but mainly because I just don’t have the time to engage with each Thing in the way that I’d like. This isn’t just because of the administration of Cam23 but also the fact that my final conference as Chair of the Business Librarians Association is fast approaching, and more generally because my job just keeps me too busy.  In some respects this is arguably my own fault. One day I’ll learn to stop saying “yes” to things and have a reasonable workload rather than an insane one, but I fancy that this brave new era isn’t going to come along anytime soon!

Of course, this situation of being over-worked ties in neatly with Thing 13: reflection, as I’m all too aware that it’s something I don’t set enough time aside for. I promised my team a year of consolidation in January. I think it lasted about 4 months, but now we’re back at full throttle again. To be fair though this is not just because I say “yes” to new projects and jobs, its largely because I know that we as a service within the business school really cannot afford to stand still. I think the same goes for librarians everywhere. Now more than ever we must endeavour to continually prove our worth and relevance and this means keeping the train chugging at all times.

I guess Cam23 has forced my arm into reflecting through Thing blogging, but for the last month or so it hasn’t felt like true reflection – I think you need proper time and relaxation for that. Reflecting while going full pelt isn’t really treating the discipline with the respect it deserves and it just can’t be as rewarding. My reflection for Cam23 definitely hasn’t borne any relation to the painting below…


Of course my regular blogging has taken a bit of knock due to Cam23 and I have a very long list of things (NOT Things) that I want to blog – and reflect – on: moving from a printed newsletter to a blog; my experiences of tweeting at conferences; CILIP future; perceptions of the profession and advocacy. And next week I’ll be wanting to blog about the BLA conference. Argggh.

As I’m sure I’ve requested before, can’t we all just agree to have 8 days in a week, like in the Beatles song? We could call the extra day Reflectday and I think it would fit rather nicely between Wednesday and Thursday. What do you think?

No, I know, I’d end up going full pelt that day too.  Who am I kidding?


3 thoughts on “Eight days a week?

  1. Kirsty Taylor says:

    I’m all for a 8 day week if the extra day can be a weekend day. There’s no rule that says we can’t reflect from the comfort of our homes.


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