Slide-y Share-y Thing

So Thing 11 then – Slideshare. Well quite frankly why wouldn’t you use it? This is definitely one of those tools where the functionality and value is pretty much self-evident. If you need to share a Powerpoint presentation with your colleagues or students or need to find a presentation on a specific topic then Slideshare is for you.

The only reservation I have with with sharing my PPTs via Slideshare is the fact that my presentations tend to be image-heavy with very little explanatory text so I wonder just how useful they might be to others. When it comes to students this doesn’t concern me as I don’t really want them to duck out of my teaching sessions and think they can just catch up with the slides afterwards. Besides I consider it good practice to use PPT slides for visual interest for my audience rather than as a means of recording everything I’m going to say. Having said that, I often think I should add a bit more text to help them make a bit more sense after the fact.  A good example is the following slide from a presentation I gave to MBAs last year:

This slide complemented an anecdote about how far our support has extended in the past when assisting MBA students with their entrepreneurial projects: on one occasion as far as providing a posh voiceover for a audio advert for Cambridge Blue cheese, something which would be impossible to guess if viewing the slides in isolation.

 In my opinion, the following presentation, recently shared on Slideshare, strikes a perfect balance of image, text and message. Go see!

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