Mmmm… delicious

Delicious, or more properly del.ici.ous, has swiftly become a component part of our service delivery here at Judge Business School Library. It’s application wasn’t immediately obvious but now I’d feel lost without it on both a professional and a personal level.

At first we used it solely in order to gather a collection of links suitable for use in 1-2-1 hands-on in inductions with new faculty. Links in that relatively small delicious collection included: ORBIT (our business information portal), Newton (Cambridge libraries catalogue), the University e-journals and e-resources pages, the Judge Business School website and intranet and our Facebook Group and Twitter account. The collection – see here –  proved to be an ideal starting point for these induction sessions and the fact that it was easily accessible on the open web made it the right platform too.

Although this was working fine I began to consider other applications, namely the value of collecting free business information source on the web under a new delicious account.  Since I started work at Judge I’ve been reluctant to spend time on providing access to free web resources, partly because my previous experience at Oxford was that when free web and subscription resources were gathered together students failed to differentiate between them, and partly because I really needed to concentrate my efforts on building our range of subscription resources and how they were being delivered (both very poor in my opinion) instead. However, once both of these aspects were in pretty good shape, if not sorted to my complete satisfaction, I felt justified in turning my attention back to these resources.

Delicious seemed like the obvious platform to use, something which was confirmed by similar projects undertaken at Manchester and Said Business School. This being the case I set one of my team, the very able Claudia, to collate the relevant links on delicious. Some months down the line the comprehensive collection of links that now exists is suitably tagged and easily accessible to all of our users via the front page of ORBIT and our Facebook group.

One problem that remained, other than trying to get the students to go there rather than straight to Google (something we plan to tackle in this coming year’s inductions) was library staff awareness of the free resources therein.  The answer has been to promote five resources from the collection, all with the same subject theme (e.g. country data) every week in a team email (compiled and sent by Claudia) and to invite replies on their respective value by return email. So far so good.

Over the summer we plan to start delivering the majoirty of our resources via a blog and our collection of business info resources on delicious will be an important part of that.

I mentioned at the start of this post that I’d also be lost without delicious personally – that’s because I use it as a jumpsite for the sites I use most at home too.

Post Update:
For a full account of the creation of our delicious collection and related points of interest, visit Claudia’s blog post on the subject.


3 thoughts on “Mmmm… delicious

  1. Earth Sciences Library says:

    Hi Andy,
    Interesting post but it has me wondering why you don’t have the links on the Judge Library web site itself? Is it to do with the look and feel of the site? Or wanting a clear separation between what’s available for anyone to view and material aimed solely at department members?

    And, yes, your boy is terrifically cute.


  2. libreaction says:

    Principally because the collection of links you build on delicious can be easily tagged into different subject categories – it does it all for you. There is also the fact that we have made a conscious decision, in conjunction with our web team to preserve the library info on the external Judge website as marketing material only – in line with the rest of the site. Our students go to our portal (ORBIT) in order to access all our resources in one place.


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