Controlled vocabulary world of glory

Cam23’s Thing 8 has prompted to think about the tags I’ve been using on my blog over the past year.  Here are the tags I’ve used the most:

business librarianship: 10
Cam23: 9
business schools: 7
blogging: 7
Twitter: 7
Judge Business School: 6
social media: 6
networking: 5
databases: 5
statistics: 4

No real surprises there given the job I have and the reasons why I’m blogging. Most of the time I remember to use the same tags as I’ve used before – thanks to being prompted in Word Press’s post tags text box. I may not be a very traditional librarian but I fully understand the importance of controlled vocabulary! Having said that I note that I should be severely reprimanded for hopping between use of ‘Cam23′ and ’23 Things’ recently.

And now for some of my favourite least used tags:

findus crispy pancakes: 1
shenanigans: 1
The Odessa File: 1

My mischievous side encourages me to include quirky tags every now and then, partly just for fun but also in order to ensnare the unwary (and frankly rubbish) web surfers who follow Google results to my blog when looking for something quite different.

And now for an ad break:

and this afternoon’s movie:


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