Seamless bliss

I’m very pleased  that I can approach Thing 6 – Google Calendar  in a more measured way than I would have done had I been blogging about it last week. This is because I’ve finally created my personal Google Calendar and shared it with our existing Library one, therefore removing the need for endless logging in and out of different Google accounts. The new seamlessness I’m experiencing as a result is blissful.

 The Library team at Judge moved on to Google Calendar over a year ago as our previous team calendar in Oulook could not be viewed remotely and because we can’t all be in Outlook during the working day, due to seemingly ridiculous, but nevertheless very real, IT set-up issues here that don’t take into account our need to hotdesk. Being able to view the calendar from wherever I am  is incredibly useful. As you can see from the above image (click to enlarge) we don’t only include meetings and appointments but also desk shifts, the opening and closing rota, sickness (not shown) and leave.

The only problem I’ve had since sharing the calendars is that when adding a new event you have to deselect ‘invite others’ as it’s checked as default.Yesterday I invited my whole team to a private meeting with the HR Manager. You’d think that would have prevented me from forgetting today as well, but it didn’t!

As you’ll see from the calendar image I’m on leave from Friday – hence my need to blog early this week. This means I’ll be on holiday in the Med during Cam23’s ‘Twitter week’ so I’m off to check out the best tweet-queuing tools currently available. I can’t miss out on ‘Twitter week’ now can I?


One thought on “Seamless bliss

  1. librarymonkey says:

    Wow, I’m very impressed with the merging of the two calendars. We don’t use an online ‘work calendar’ so my one looks a little bit bare (not helped by the fact that I don’t use calendars/diaries in general)!


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