Voting on Pat Sharp’s hair

Before Doodle (and its like) when suitable dates and times were being sought for a meeting I used to waste vast amounts of time  responding to an inordinate number of emails, or filling in crappy grids in Word, only to find that a date and time still couldn’t be found and we would have to go through the whole slow process again  without any assurance that the second round would get us any closer to an actual meeting.

Despite the adminstrative leap forward Doodle offers, personally I have an aversion to this particular scheduling service for two simple reasons:

1. It’s called Doodle
2. The scheduling mechanism is termed a ‘poll’

You see the problem I have is that at the professional, and hopefully productive, meeting I’m trying to arrange there will be no doodling, colouring in, or drawing of rude body parts in the margin of the agenda, and it won’t be like the Smash Hits Poll Winners party. We’re really not going to be voting on Pat Sharp’s hair or who is the sexiest member of Take That.

I think the first meeting scheduling service I used was  Meet-o-Matic but that also had a bit of an image problem – sounding a bit too much like an robot dating service for my liking (plus it had a nasty glitch that I can’t recall right now) so I moved on to Meeting Wizard instead, just as free, but with a much  er.. less..resonant name.  However, I can only use Meeting Wizard when I invite colleagues to a meeting, so obviously a lot of the time I’m reluctantly responding to ‘Doodle Polls’ (Grrrrr) as it does seem to have become the Tesco of the scheduling world. I wonder what percentage of meetings are now arranged via Doodle? I wonder can it beat the meeting equivalent of  1 in every 8 pounds is a Tesco pound?

BTW, for all of those of you on the Cam23 programme who wondered if it had occurred to us that we were effectively asking  participants to arrange 90 separate meetings this week. It had. But only at the weekend before Thing 5 was due to be posted and I was enjoying the sun far too much. So, if productivity in Cambridge University libraries hits an all-time low this week you know who to blame…


7 thoughts on “Voting on Pat Sharp’s hair

  1. LibrarianGoddess says:

    I have to agree on both the ease of use Doodle offers and the aversion to the word ‘poll’ – though I spotted earlier that you can use it for decisionmaking on things other than meeting times, which had completely passed me by previously 🙂 I love the name Meet-O-Matic and had a bond of nomenclature-induced loyalty to it until usage problems sent me over to Doodle too(dle).


  2. libreaction says:

    I didn’t know it had wider uses either, but I imagine that very few use it for anything other than mtg scheduling. Having got all that off my chest I’m feeling rather shallow for dismissing tools on the basis of their name alone. Ah well. It won’t be the last time.


  3. LK says:

    I am going to give meeting wizard a go when I next arrange a meeting. I like doodle for simplicity but it has drawbacks and i don’t like the term poll either. I always feel people will start voting on whether they want the meeting at all rather than when they can make it!


  4. Meetomatic Team says:

    As I wrote to libreaction, “So what would we have to do to get you back?” What “usage problems” exactly did you have? This is news to us: we respond very quickly indeed to anyone who emails us or fills on our GetSatisfaction form on

    One advantage we have is that we’re small, responsive, and nice guys, too! If you have some ideas for us, we’re listening!! [Note that not only do we have zero registration, but also zero ads!]

    Many thanks…

    -Marc on behalf of The Meetomatic Team


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