Excited and engaged of Cambridge

As per my own instructions on the Cam23 blog this is my Thing 3 post about my previous experience of Web 2.0 and social media. Over the past 18 months my engagement with all this stuff has increased tenfold, with the main turning points being setting up my Twitter account in Feb 09 and this blog in May 09. Finding my way with both led me in turn to initiate the creation of a Library Twitter account and a Library Facebook page for service promotion and communication purposes. More recently we have  organised what we regard to be the best free web resources in business and management through a Del.ici.ous account, while this summer, we’ll be replacing our newsletter with a Library Service blog. I have many many reasons for using this new media, but  foremost among them is my belief that as librarians we now need to use every route available to us to as the competition we face for the attention of our users is greater than ever.

Although I emphasised the importance of the practical application of these tools at last week’s launch event, what I neglected to say, and perhaps should have done, because in my opinion its just as important, is that using these tools – particularly my personal Twitter account and this blog has led to more professional networking and more reading and processing of thought-provoking and relevant articles and blog posts than ever before. In short, they’ve made me more engaged and, it may sound corny, more excited about my chosen career, which after 15 years as a business librarian is no mean feat.

Although much of my use of these tools is categorically not about directly communicating with users (e.g. this blog and my personal Twitter) I firmly believe that my library users ultimately benefit from the fact that I’m engaged in this professional activity, as otherwise I would have considerably less idea of what new tools and resources were out there and what developments and issues I need to take into account to provide the best service I can.

Having said all that there’s still a great deal out there that I’ve never used or have maybe never seen the point of and that’s why I’m Cam23-ing.



2 thoughts on “Excited and engaged of Cambridge

  1. KTLib says:

    Welcome to the Cam23 programme! I’m looking forward to seeing which of the Things you want to adopt at the Judge and how we can integrate them into our existing social media tools. Bring them on!


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