When to keep my big mouth shut…

For the last few months I’ve been following with interest the 23 Things Web 2.0 programme conducted within Oxford University Libraries which was open to all library staff there. By all accounts it has been very successful indeed with a take-up that surprised the project team and  many resulting benefits for participants, organisers, and their libraries, alike. As I learned more about the programme structure and delivery, crucially that it is largely self-directed – requiring limited set-up, I began to seriously think ‘What have we got to lose?’ by trying the same here in Cambridge. After a suprisingly little amount of tweeting and emailing ‘Cam23’ was born, or more properly ‘the Cambridge 23 Things programme’ which is due to start next month and run through to August.

We are still very early doors with this, the project team (an excellent group of people IMO) has only just been formed and the Cam 23 blog is brand new today, but already this feels like a very promising endeavour which will bring  library staff across Cambridge together as we explore the value and application of Web 2.0 and social media tools.

This may just be one of those occasions where – for a change – it was right NOT to keep my big mouth shut!



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