What a difference 24 hours makes…

OK, so I’m a complete convert, after our misfire library induction yesterday I was feeling much less keen on the hands-on and longer session approach, but today its  a completely different story. I guess that the main change today was that  the PCs were already set-up in our portal so there was no way that the students could go wrong to start with. Also, the inclusion of the sentence ‘out of courtesy to presenters please don’t update your Facebook profile or read your email’ completely did the trick and we had an attentive audience, even in the 2pm after lunch sleep-slot! In both of today’s sessions the students listened, interacted, understood and were generally fab human beings. I could have hugged some of them for asking what, if I didn’t know any better, seemed like perfect planted questions! One more session to the fourth and final MBA stream tomorrow and I feel like I’ve finally cracked MBA induction. Only taken me 15 years.

The best thing about it is of course that  those who attended today’s sessions are as equipped as they can be information-wise at this point in the course, and as a result dbase usage, enquiries and footfall should theoretically increase. I’m a happy chappie – can you tell?! I would be happier but I now have a whole day’s worth of emails ahead of me before I go home.



2 thoughts on “What a difference 24 hours makes…

  1. Jo Webb says:

    Pleased to see the session went well. What you’ve described matches very closely what it would have been my instinct to do.

    We need to remember to set boundaries and get rid of the basicbarriers. Before gettingpeople to do a hands-on, I show them the start screen and makesure the PCs are ready. Huge difference from going in without that tiny input.

    Pleased to hear you had such a receptive audience.


  2. LbrGoddess says:

    Yay! Great to hear that the longer sessions are working for you.

    Over the last fortnight I’ve been doing inductions for groups of M.St. students – sadly not hands-on, as there’s never only 13 at a time (which is how many we can fit in our IT training room). Course co-ordinators have been generous with time, giving me between 90 and 120 minutes. But after said sessions I’m now feeling unsure how much e-resource and lit search stuff I should try to cover first thing in their two-year (distance) course …. So have suggesting running the lit search session for them again at the start of their dissertation year. We’ll see what the takeup is like!


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