That same old induction problem…

Its that time of year again and that same old question of how much or how little to say in student inductions. This year here at Judge Business School with our new MBA class we’ve decided to try something completely different to the usual 45 minute lecture theatre presentation come lecture, followed by library tour. Not only are we increasing the length of the session to 2 hours (plus an essential 15-minute break in the middle) so we can demonstrate our key databases but we’re also making as much as we can hands-on.

I remain to be convinced that is the best approach given that its their first week and many of them will be quite understandably distracted by other things, but this does respond directly to comments from last year’s MBAs that they wanted more than just a snapshot of the databases at the top of the year and I’m never going to turn down allocated teaching time.

Another important change is the decision to bill the first session as ‘Business Databases’ rather than ‘Library Induction’ in order to see if the level of enthusiasm and engagement is affected in any way.

Glazed and/or pleading faces will seal the fate of this new initiative!


3 thoughts on “That same old induction problem…

  1. Emma says:

    Hmm, interesting. I’d like to hear what reaction you get.

    We’re going for the opposite route and cutting the usual hour in a lecture theatre on their first day down to 30 minutes. This will just be a simple “we’re the library this is what we do” talk. Then in the second week we’re running a series of hands-on sessions in a computer room which they have to sign up to. Here we’ll go into more detail about the resources and actually get them using the databases rather than just have us talk about them.

    As you say no idea how it will be received – we’ll just have to wait and see.


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