Blog Post of the Month

Now that I’m up and blogging regularly, I thought I’d share my favourite blog post every month.

The post that really hit home with me this month was John Naughton’s ‘Blogging and intellectual craftsmanship’ in which he looks at an essay ‘On Intellectual Craftsmanship’ by C. Wright Mills from an entirely new perspective now that he’s blogging. Naughton muses on how Mills considered the most admirable thinkers to be those who did not split their work from their lives and how the best bloggers he himself knows also ‘display this reluctance’.


Personally this made me look again at how I’ve been blogging and gave me the confidence to open the door a bit more on my personality and opinions in my posts. As Mills stated in his essay: ‘Whenever you feel strongly about events or ideas you must try not to let them pass from your mind, but instead to formulate them for your files [your blog posts] and in so doing draw out their implications, show yourself either how foolish these feelings or ideas are, or how they might be articulated into productive shape.’ This is exactly what blogging helps me to do, although I recognise that I’m very much a beginner in this medium. As Mills says, you should try to ‘write something at least every week’, maybe if I do this and seek to approach the medium more holistically, then I might blog that much better?

Like Naughton, I find the parallels with blogging in this 50-year-old essay quite fascinating.

Read the full post on John Naughton’s Memex 1.1



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